remember this when you are grown
the feel of mommy’s cheek
the blue, the pink, the golden hues
the simple way you speak

i can whisper this to you
the words will disappear
but still i pray you’ll feel it when
you’re staring down that beer

maybe i can’t hold you then
when they have pushed you down
maybe i’ll be dust and earth
and it feels good to drown

i know that there are wolves out there
that daily life can drag you
i know the screens can numb your mind
i know the boss can nag you

i also know though — as do you —
in this tiny moment
the breeze, the freshness of the clouds
this life
— and power to own it

remembering is nothing more
than my whole heart in yours
i cannot fight your battles, son,
but love can push your wars

…tiny creative acts of kindness: workplace gifts

The other night, I created 11 tiny drawings for my coworkers at the floral shop. I stuck them inside their aprons yesterday morning (since they were so small, I didn’t want anyone to miss them, so I told them all to check their pockets when they got there. Everyone always steals everyone else’s tools, so I think — judging by most of their expressions — they may have thought I was wondering if they took something of mine! But they smiled when they realized the gifts).

I stayed up until 4 am making them, and I had spent some time on them the previous night as well, working a total of 14 hours or so on this offshoot of the larger “creative acts of kindness” project.

This one was my favorite. McKenzie, my coworker, actually did check her pockets right away and thought someone had stuffed candy wrappers in there. She was pissed for a moment!