“Creative Acts of Kindness”

Let the making begin…

I recently decided to embark on a project. Not sure how long it will go on. Maybe a few more months. Maybe a year…maybe the rest of my life?

Gee, that would be cool. I hadn’t thought of that. The rest of my life. Hmmm. Well, I won’t commit to that, but I will tell you about this idea I have. It’s pretty simple, really:

I am making little things (little enough to fit in an envelope), and I am sending them to people. I am choosing the people. They can’t ask to be included. It has to be a purely from-me, me-initiated sort of thing. Not that it’s all about me, but it will always start with me. Otherwise, I think I’ll get worn out pretty quickly. I’m going to see how long this pulse of creativity will radiate from my heart toward the world.

(I know a whimsical lady who will smile at this sweet ballerina…it has a tie-thingy so it can hang up wherever she wants to put it. I don’t know why she is closing her eyes. Maybe real ballerinas don’t do that, or they would run into stuff. Oh well. She’s not real, so there!)
(I have an odd hobby of making paper dolls. I get to pretend I can design gorgeous clothing. Paper dolls fit in envelopes, so they qualify for this project.)

So far, I have created 10 pieces of creativity to send in the mail. I haven’t sent them yet. When I get through the list of names and addresses I currently have written down for this project, I will take them to the post office and send them off. Just to make people happy.

Because, why not??

(Beads are one ingredient to the Creative Acts of Kindness project.)

As a special offshoot of this project, tonight I am putting together tiny drawings for my coworkers. I work at a flower shop, and this is the time of year (Valentine’s Day!) when the floral world goes full-on crazy, delivering flowers to all besotted heroes who want to woo their loves.

Anyway, I am probably projecting somewhat here, but we are all getting more and more stressed in preparation for this madness, so I thought I would sprinkle a tiny bit of goodwill around the shop. Tiny drawings…nothing much. But a hell of a lot of fun to make (why do I love little things so much?!). And maybe it will make them smile. We’ll see. 🙂

(Here are the tiny drawings. Each one is based on a conversation or two I had with the person who is receiving it. I have an idea of which flowers or plants most of my coworkers like most, but I did have to guess for some of them.)

I initially wanted to send out ten “Creative Acts of Kindness,” but then I had the wonderful realization that I don’t have to stop there. I am just going to keep going until it isn’t fun anymore. So far drawings, poetry, paper dolls, and necklaces have materialized with a specific person in mind for each one.

We’ll see where it goes………..

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